Library Project

The idea started as a wish to devote a room in my house wherever it may be, for the purpose of lending books to anyone who wishes to read. Now it will be a library in its own right and conjoined to what will also be the home of Otinkorama Memorial Foundation. The short-term goal is to complete the building and turn it into a community library. The Library will have three sections.

  1. On the ground floor will be the lending library to be named Allotei Konuah Lending Library. Allotei Konuah is a former headmaster of Accra Academy during my time in the school. It will have a wide range of books, including childrens’ books.

  2. On the upper level will be the T Q Armar Lending and Reference Library. T Q Armar is a father and the former headmaster of West Africa Secondary School. This section of the library will be devoted to popular science, philosophy, popular classics, health and fitness.

  3. Also on the upper level will be the F K Buah Library, a former Headmaster of Tema Secondary School. It will be devoted to history, art and periodicals and magazines.

There will also be modest accommodation for a library staff on the ground floor.